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Deep Steam Cleaning

Deep steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean carpets. While vacuum cleaners suck up the dirt and dust on the surface, steam cleaning not only cleans the fibres, it extracts at the same time. Our machines lift everything out of your carpets—dust, dirt, allergens—leaving your carpet fresh and ready to walk on.

During our consultation, our cleaning experts will assess the condition of your carpets and any stains present. From there, we bring industry-leading equipment that eliminates stubborn stains and returns your carpet back to its former glory.

Our carpets when finished are walk on dry.

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Carpet Cleaning



At Kleenkeen carpet cleaning in Albury Wodonga, we offer a variety of carpet cleaning methods to get the best results. Our highly-trained team is skilled at determining which method is best suited for your carpet and will consult with you prior to performing any work.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Using only advanced and powerful equipment, steam cleaning is hygienic, thorough and effective, removing dirt, stains, excess water and residues.

The process is environmentally friendly and the carpet will dry by the time we complete the job. If needed, you can walk on it dry. As a premium service, steam carpet cleaning is ideal for bond cleans, as well as domestic and commercial clients.
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