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At Kleenkeen carpet cleaning in Albury Wodonga, we offer a variety of carpet cleaning methods to get the best results. Our highly-trained team is skilled at determining which method is best suited for your carpet and will consult with you prior to performing any work.

At Kleenkeen Carpet Cleaning in Albury/Wodonga and surrounding areas, we only offer the proven best method. Deep Steam Cleaning - Operating constantly over 100 degree Celsius. That means we kill and remove all the nasties outside to the waste tank where our truck mount steam cleaning machine is located. Don’t be fooled by mass advertising saying Dry Cleaning will clean your carpets, IT WON'T. Dry Cleaning only buffs the top layer of dirt off your carpet leaving Covid 19 germs, bacteria and grime in the lower layer of carpet.

Our state of the art truck mount machine don’t use your hot water or electricity either. Carpets are walk on dry when finished. This is as dry as Dry Cleaning. This can only be achieved when using our hot and powerful Truck Mount Steam Cleaning Machines.
Deep Steam Cleaning — Residential & Commercial Cleaning in Albury, NSW

Deep Steam Cleaning

Deep steam cleaning is by far the most effective way to clean carpets. Cleaning the fibres in their entirety, unwanted pollution is then extracted from your carpets and safely taken away in our waste tank.

Premium - Rotovar 360 Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning. Want a even better clean, we have it for you. Imagine steam at over 100 Deg C, while rotating at up to 250 RPM. The carpet pile gets a 360 ... Read more
Covid 19 — Residential & Commercial Cleaning in Albury, NSW

Covid 19

Hygiene in our workplaces and homes has never been more important. Deep Steam Cleaning gets rid of all the nasties, in particular, the Coronavirus.

With a truck-mounted system that pushes out steam at constant temperatures of 100 degrees Celsius, our steam cleaning kills all germs.
Stream Carpet Cleaning — Residential & Commercial Cleaning in Albury, NSW

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Using only advanced and powerful equipment, steam cleaning is hygienic, thorough and effective, removing dirt, stains, excess water and residues.

The process is environmentally friendly and the carpet will dry by the time we complete the job. If needed, you can walk on it dry. As a premium service, steam carpet cleaning is ideal for bond cleans, as well as domestic and commercial clients.

Your Carpet is Ready

In the same time that dry cleaning methods take, Kleenkeen’s full extraction technology will have your carpets clean, fresh, and ready to walk on.

While we purge the dust, dirt, germs, and allergens from your carpets at steaming temperatures, your carpets will still be ready to walk on in astoundingly quick time.

How We Do It

Our carpet cleaning experts quickly assess the condition of your carpets and take note of any existing stains. All but the most stubborn of stains will soon be eliminated as our truck-mounted equipment powers into its carpet cleaning job, full steam ahead.

Flushed of all foreign matter, including stale odours, your carpets are quickly restored to their former glory and left ready to walk on when we’re done.

For professional carpet cleaning in Albury Wodonga, contact Kleenkeen today.
Carpet Cleaning — Residential & Commercial Cleaning in Albury, NSW