Carpet cleaning in Albury & Wodonga


Carpet Cleaning


At Kleenkeen, we offer a variety of carpet cleaning methods to get the best results. Our highly-trained team is skilled at determining which method is best suited for your carpet and will consult with you prior to performing any work.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – Using only advanced and powerful equipment, steam cleaning is hygienic, thorough and effective, removing dirt, stains, excess water and residues. The process is environmentally friendly and will dry within four to eight hours. As a premium service, steam carpet cleaning is ideal for bond cleans, as well as domestic and commercial clients.

Dry Carpet Cleaning – Is a cost-effective alternative to full carpet cleaning and ideal for when you want to freshen your carpets between full services. Our dry carpet cleaning system leaves your carpet smelling fresh immediately. It’s conveniently dry in one to two hours, making it ideal for busy households or office buildings.

During your consultation, our team will assess the composition of the stain and tailor our service accordingly. We have the skills, experience and industry-grade products to eliminate or lighten stubborn stains that just won’t go away!

Get in touch with Kleenkeen to ensure your carpets are professionally cleaned without any long-term damage.