Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning across VIC, NSW and ACT

Kitchen exhaust systems are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Australian standards have to be met to ensure your system is fire safe and OH&S compliant.

In the event of a fire, if your system hasn’t been cleaned by a professional, your insurance company is likely to reject your claim.

Our cleaning service is both Fire Safe and Meets Australian Standard 1851.

Commercial Kitchens
At Kleenkeen, we specialise in kitchen exhaust system cleaning. From the canopy, to ducting, to the exhaust fan—we do it all. While cleaning the system we also do an inspection to identify excess wear on the fan, motor, joins, sheetmetal and filters.

The most common issue with exhaust systems is grease build-up. Filters need to be clean at all times in order to help keep the rest of the system functional. Vents, ducts, fans, splashbacks and canopy’s all have to be kept clean to avoid excess grease, which is commonly known as “Grease Bleeding Syndrome.”

Exhaust system cleaning Australian Standards:

  • AS 1851 - Usage 2-6 hours per day = 12 monthly clean
  • AS 1851 - Usage 6-12 hours per day = 6 monthly clean
  • AS 1851 - Usage 12-16 hours per day = 3 monthly clean 

The number one source of fires in Australia is in the kitchen. 90% of these fires get into the kitchen exhaust system. Many kitchens never re-open after a fire of this nature.

Get in touch with our team today to ensure your kitchen is fire safe. 

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