Solar Panel Cleaning Albury

Technician Cleaning Solar Panel — Residential & Commercial Cleaning in Albury, NSW

Solar Panel Cleaning


At Kleenkeen, we provide prompt and efficient solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial clients throughout Albury–Wodonga.

Our fully trained and insured team clean both ground and roof-mounted solar panels using the latest technology and cleaning brushes. This results in a chemical and streak-free clean that ensures you are getting the most out of your solar panels.

Because solar panels are exposed to the outdoors and generally lay on a slight angle or flat, they can be susceptible to bird droppings, debris, dust and foliage. Because of this obstruction, your solar panels will cause significant loss in efficiency and require a clean.

The benefits to keeping your panels clean include:

  • Protecting your investment
  • Increasing the efficiency of the panels (saving you money in the long run)

Some manufacturers also recommend you have your solar panels cleaned regularly in order to maintain the warranty. Get in touch with Kleenkeen today for an affordable deal on solar panel cleaning.