Tile and Grout Cleaning Albury Wodonga


Tile & Grout Cleaning Services


Tile floors are relatively hard-wearing and low maintenance, compared to carpet. However, with mopping and general foot traffic, it won’t take too long before the dirt, grease, and grime builds up.

Any porous hard surface area ie grout, will fill full of germs, bacteria, grime, Covid 19 to just name a few.

Don’t be that person that gets down on hands and knees scrubbing grout with a tooth brush. Let us save your back and knees from the pain. Call Kleenkeen.

Operating constantly over 100 degrees Celsius, Sterilising, killing Covid 19, germs, bacteria and extracting outside to the waste tank.

You are left with tiles free of grime and grout free of grunge. Your sparkling floor will have been cleaned and sterilised.

Contact the tile & grout cleaning experts at Kleenkeen today.