Tile, Grout and Hard SuRface Cleaning

Tile, Grout and Hard Surface Cleaning  across Northeast VIC and Southern NSW

Tile floors are relatively hard-wearing and low maintenance, compared to carpet. 

However, with mopping and general foot traffic, it won’t take too long before the dirt, grease, and grime builds up.

Any porous hard surface area ie grout, will fill full of germs, bacteria, grime, COVID 19 to just name a few.

Don’t be that person that gets down on hands and knees scrubbing grout with a tooth brush. Let us save your back and knees from the pain.

Operating constantly over 100 degrees Celsius, Sterilising, killing COVID 19, germs, bacteria and extracting outside to the waste tank.

You are left with tiles free of grime and grout free of grunge. Your sparkling floor will have been cleaned and sterilised.

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We can also handle all sorts of hard surfaces too. 

Based in Albury/Wodonga; cleaning North East VIC and Southern NSW

Is tile and grout cleaning worth it? 

Kleenkeen's tile and grout cleaning rejuvenates your dirty tiles to increase the value of your property. 

Commercial, industrial or residential floors,  we'll get them clean and sparkling.

If you have small children or just want a clean and sterile floor our process is for you .

Get in touch to find out if we can clean your hard floors. 

How much does it cost to clean tile and grout floors?

Kleenkeen's hyper steam cleaning process varies in price from $6 to $10 sq/m. 

We can clean your bathroom, or we can clean your entire workplace. 

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What is the best way to clean tile and grout?

The best method by far is our steam cleaning which leaves your tiles free of grime, germs and other nasty bugs, including  Covid19.

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How often does tiles and grout need to be cleaned?

Tiles and grout need to be cleaned at at least every 12 monthly, at a minimum, mopping your floors pushes germs and bacteria, into the pores of your porous grout and tiles. Professional cleaning eliminates these nasties.

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Should I get my tiles professionally cleaned? 

Gone are the days of getting down on your hands and knees with a toothbrush to spend hours scrubbing grout.

Let Kleenkeen save your knees, your back and your sanity.

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Can you clean the wall tiles in my bathroom too? 

At Kleenkeen we have special hand hyper steam cleaning tools for a great result on wall tiles. So we can clean all of your tiles and grout. Wall and Floors are no match for our team of cleaners. 

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How long does tile grout stay clean? 

This is very dependant on the traffic , the chemicals used and the how often a regular clean is carried out.

Did you know using too much soap in your bucket when mopping leaves a residue which attracts dirt quicker than using the recommended mixture?

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Can I power wash grout?

It's not recommended to use pressure washing on grout as it can loosen and blow the grout out from between the tiles, letting water in; which if left unresolved eventually causes structural damage and rot. 

We will steam clean grout using our state of the art process:

1 – pre-spraying with our biodegradable solution.

2 – hyper steam cleaning which loosens all the nasties then sucks then out to the waste tank outside.

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