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Window Cleaning Services across Northeast VIC and Southern NSW

At Kleenkeen, we offer a full range of premier window cleaning services for homeowners and businesses alike. Our friendly team will clean your windows, taking care to be gentle with delicate films and protectants. We are careful around trims, painted surfaces and lighting. We also offer cleaning services for your curtains & blinds.

For office buildings, we know security is vital. All of our team members have passed thorough police screening and are respectful of sensitive issues.

We offer builders cleans for new properties, as well as bond cleans for when you are exiting your home or commercial premises. At Kleenkeen, we are able to tackle the most difficult windows, including elevated ones and windows with damaged glass and calcium deposits. Whether it’s glass, fly screens, security screens, sliding doors or window tracks, our team ensure they’re spotless. We also clean solar panels when required.

For commercial clients in Albury and Wodonga, we offer a full range of storefront and office window cleaning. This will leave your business looking clean, tidy and professional. The aesthetic appeal of your business has a major impact on customer satisfaction and retention!

We offer flexible packages and cleaning schedules. Whether you prefer a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or a once off service, we’re happy to work with you.

Selling your home? Let us make your windows sparkle to ensure you receive the best price for your property.

To learn how our window cleaning services can help, call and speak to our knowledgeable team who can provide you with a custom quote.

Based in Albury/Wodonga; cleaning North East VIC and Southern NSW

What is the average price for professional window cleaning?

The average fee for a "standard home" for Window cleaning, both inside and outside, including the screens and window tracks is $350, however this is only an estimate. Maybe you have more windows, maybe you have smaller windows. 

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How do you deep clean windows?

There are a few methods for deep cleaning windows; however the most often used by out team is:

1 -  Remove cobwebs from around windows  

2 – Remove and brush dust from screens  

3- Vacuum Tracks  

4- Wash and Squeegee  windows, wipe around glass edges and frame rubbers  

5- Install Screens  

6- Wipe Clean Tracks.

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Is window cleaning worth it?

Window are expensive to replace, and if left dirty for long periods of time the glass begins to deteriorate, and then cant be cleaned to perfect condition; which then drives the value of your home or investment down in value.

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Why do people hire window cleaners?

Most people don’t like cleaning windows. Maybe they don’t have the time or can just never acheive a fantastic result that a professional can get.

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Do window cleaners do inside and out?

At Kleenkeen we clean inside and outside your windows to get the best result possible.

We prefer not to just clean one side as all of our past customers who have had only one side cleaned have been disappointed with the result as the dirty side is dirtier than they thought.

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What is the best way to clean windows without streaking?

The best way to get streak free glass is to use an industrial quality squeegee.

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How often should a window be cleaned?

Windows should be cleaned at leased once a year, however more often is often needed after dust storms, or in high traffic areas.

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Why do my windows never look clean?

Most customers call Kleenkeen to clean their windows because they don’t have the experience they Kleenkeen's staff have, there is a definite knack to getting a A1 result when window cleaning.

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