Answers to your most common questions.

We want your decision to be an informed one.  If you have any further questions, we encourage you to speak with one of our professional team.

How far can you travel for a cleaning job? Can you come to me in ______?

The Kleenkeen team is based in Albury/Wodonga; but we can help you clean up all across Northeast VIC and Southern NSW.

And beyond. We'll go anywhere we're needed. Get in touch to find out when we can come to you. 

Are you vaccinated against COVID19? Have you passed Police Background Checks?

Our team have all passed Police background checks. 

We're all also vaccinated against COVID19 and the Flu.

Does your COVID19 Cleaning meet Government standards?

DHHS requires that all COVID19 related carpet cleaning is NOT to be done with a regular vacuum as the risk of making the virus particles airborne and dispersing those that may have settled. 

All COVID19 related cleaning of carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture MUST be steam cleaned with carpet cleaning equipment. This MUST use hot water extraction that is recognised by Standard AS/NZS 3733: 2018 to minimise chemical and soil residue. The heat from this method is enough to deactivate bacteria and viruses. 

Contact out team, so we can help you clean up after a COVID19 exposure.

Do I have to be present when you’re cleaning my home or business?

It’s recommended for you to be present the first time we visit your location. For regularly scheduled cleaning, you can leave a key (if we need access to the inside of a building or inside a gated area) at our office.

I have valuables and sensitive papers at my location. How are they protected?

Reputable cleaning services will be licensed and insured. They’ll also perform thorough background checks on every team member to ensure their integrity and honesty.

How do I prepare for your arrival?

We ask for you to move or remove items which prevent us from accessing areas we need to work. For instance, if we’re power washing a walkway, we ask that you move any potted plants or patio furniture. If you need assistance moving larger items, be sure to discuss it with a team member ahead of time.

I just had a spill on my carpet. What do I do?

If a spill occurs, a quick response from you will ensure best results. Carefully blot the spill with an absorbent cloth or towel, pressing the spot repeatedly to remove as much of the liquid as possible until dry to the touch. Then give us a call and we can offer suggestions to help reduce the chances of it turning into a stain.

Based in Albury/Wodonga; cleaning North East VIC and Southern NSW

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